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Welcome to the AoS Website!

Welcome, fellow guild member. The AoS Website has a limitless fountain of resources available to you--everything from the gallery to the forums.
If you would like to submit anything, either through the gallery or the forums, you must sign up as a member. Simply click "New User?" below the banner of the website.

Any suggestions, either to the guild or the website, will be considered on the Forums.

Thanks, and have a good stay at AoS!

~ Felix Raecius, Member

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Get Firefox, and download the add-on "Adblock Plus"
Get Google Chrome, and download the extension "AdThwart"
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Recent Updates

Felix Raecius, Dec 20, 10 9:07 PM.
In recent updates I have completed the website in its entirety. The Ventrilo forwarding server on the right-hand side of the page appears to show online members, and everything is working well.
I have also added achievements, which can be gained by posting, replying, and editing.

At 500 posts, you will receive the most prestigious achievement, which looks like this: 
To my knowledge, these achievements will be posted on either the roster, and possibly be shown under your name in the forums.

I myself cannot give out these achievements, but they are given by the website to your account after achieving, for example, 10 posts.
In addition to these achievements, I have also made Medals. Medals are similar to achievements, but they are handed out by me in recognition of being a renowned member of the website. The people with the most posts, bank drops, calendar entries, etc. are entitled to a medal. Each person who signs up is given at least a bronze medal, but being as there are six medals to achieve, this isn't that big of a deal.

The site appears to be fully functional, and I have added the new Roster page. The Roster page will not show all members of the guild, but it will show all members who have signed up and their medals/achievements.

Currently no achievements have been earned.
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If you feel you are up to the task, simply apply by contacting one of our officers, or our leader in-game.
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